Elderly women share their regrets in life and what they would do if they were young again

A group of elderly women came together to share their profound reflections on life, discussing their regrets and revealing what they would do differently if they were young again. Their collective wisdom and experiences offered poignant insights, demonstrating what they might have learned if they had lived differently.

It’s hard to be in your 20s. This is the age when you’re trying to figure out how to turn your dreams into reality. This is the period of your life when you are trying to reach success.

Life may seem like a race when other people of our age seem to be ahead of us. When we are pursuing our dreams, it is hard not to look at those around us.

A race always comes with a great deal of pressure. There is always the expectation of becoming number one and to be perfect.

In a survey conducted by The Sanctuary Spa, 40% of women said they were about to burn out due to stress and anxiety associated with meeting self-expectations.

In order to help women learn how to take a deep breath, relax, and let go of stress, The Sanctuary Spa asked women from the older generation what advice they would give their 25-year-old selves.

As a result of their answers, you will definitely be able to discern what really matters in your life.

As a young woman…

“If I had my time again I wouldn’t create a ‘to-do’ list, I’d create a ‘don’t do’ list.”

“I’d give myself time the time to indulge in the things that I now understand are the most important.”

“What I wouldn’t give to extend those goodnight kisses instead of moaning about having to get up early in the morning.”

“What I wouldn’t give for the next second of cuddling my babies before they became too big to hold.”

“What I wouldn’t give for 5 more minutes on the dance floor while my legs were still strong enough to carry me.”

In addition to pointing out the importance of the word being, the elderly women noted the fact that the young women of today’s generation are burnt out from their careers, goals, and expectations.

These moments are invaluable and priceless… once gone, they can never be recovered. We forget to be at peace with the world and kind to ourselves.

“Believe me, If I were a young woman now, I’d spend more time being, not doing.

Despite accomplishing 26 tasks per day on average, 80% of women admit feeling pressure to be perfect.

Hence, they encourage women to let go of the heavy weight they carry from the pressure on their shoulders. After all, no dying man ever wished he had worked harder, but lived in the present.

Through their heartfelt stories, these women taught us the importance of seizing opportunities, cherishing relationships, and pursuing our own personal growth.

Their words serve as a gentle reminder to embrace life’s journey fully, mindful of the lessons shared by those who have walked before us.

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