Exploring an Early 1900’s Abandoned Victorian Mansion

Today we are exploring inside an Abandoned Victorian Mansion dating back to the early 1900s. L ocated on a beautiful waterfront property, this abandoned 1900s Victorian Mansion sits looking very modest and almost like any other home from the outside.

Once inside, you are immediately greeted with probably the most amazing staircase I have ever seen in an abandoned home. Featuring 20 foot high ceilings, massive bay windows that are now boarded up, beautiful crown moulding and so much more!

I managed to track down a former owner of this home and she told me that the home was built at the turn of the 20th century. A well known ship builder by the last name of Knapp built it for his wife. There was once a widow’s walk that got destroyed many years ago and she would go up there and watch for his ship to be coming down the river, as the home is located on the shores of the St Lawrence River.

The home was then purchased in the early 50s by a family named Mueller, they had built cottages in the rear of the property as well as the first addition to the home. It was also used as a bordello way back in the day. The electricity to the light on a big red tree was still there and probably is still there now.

The woman who ran the brothel had so many ladies that she had to put mobile homes on the grounds. Men would meet in the parlour and the ladies would take them to their cabins and trailers. One young man even hung himself in a tree in the front yard.

Eventually, the house was converted over to rentals only before they sold it in 1969, now the land and home are vacant as it has been sold to a developer who plans to demolish the entire house to construct a condo building.

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