Stunning abandoned 130 year old Boarding house up north in the mountains

When the region was considerably more prominent and the well-known for its resorts in the late 1800s,
this old building was built up in the mountains to the north as a boarding house

At the time, the are was farmed for its resorts,Very old historic home with stained glass windows a large quantity of wonderful old hand-carved woodwork , as well as original architetcture,\
There are many antique touches, such as a stone foundation and a newel post that has been hand carved.

In addition,there are a few old antiques, such as a steamer trunk and an old piano. The home has a very distincive exterior with a gambrel or second empire mansard roof, which struck me as highly distincive when i first saw it.

I had never seen a house quite like it before, therefore my greatest wish is that it can be preserved and brought back to its former glory. I’m just happy that i was able to capture on film and in images this breathtakingly gorgeous antique mansion. We appreaciate you watching!

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