Inside Tom Selleck’s ‘retreat’ home, where he has been living a private life since 1988 with his family

Tom Selleck is perhaps one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. He has done a lot of roles over the years and has carved a permanent space for himself in the hearts of many Americans.

In his personal life, the actor has a full life which he spends in his home that he has lived in for many decades. Keep reading to learn all about Tom Selleck.


Tom Selleck has been living a rancher’s life for over 30 years in California. He lives at a ranch with his wife and has commented how it helps to keep him a little sane.

The actor was born in Detroit in January 1945 and joined the entertainment industry in the 1960s when he began to take small roles in television and films. It wasn’t until Magnum, PI aired that the actor experienced true fame and fortune. On the show, Selleck played Hawaii-based investigator Thomas Magnum for eight years. The role even earned him a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding lead actor.


The actor later played famous roles on shows like The Closer and Friends. He is also one of the stars of “Blue Bloods.” He stars on the show with Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and others. The show has been now running for 13 seasons and is incredibly popular among fans.

While Selleck has enjoyed a lot of stardom, his career could have been even better than it is today. But the actor likes to keep a balance in his life and focus on his personal life as much as he does on his professional life. This is why the actor quit Magnum, PI in 1987.

The actor did not appreciate the amount of fame the series brought to him. While he liked his job, he was not always happy with the amount of attention his profession brought him. He once said, “I knew intellectually what it would mean in terms of being a public person, but until you’ve lived it, there’s no way to understand it.”


The actor shared that he quit Magnum, PI because he was tired “from it” and wanted a more fulfilling life. After quitting the show in 1987, he married his second wife Jillie Joan Mack. He said of his second wife how she could light up a room with her “joie de vivre” and “effervescent quality.”

Mack was a former dancer and actress from England. A year into their nuptials, the couple bought a ranch in Ventura, California. The ranch once belonged to Dean Martin. The property is said to reportedly have over 1,500 native trees.

Since Selleck has been shooting his show Blue Bloods for the last decade in New York, when he leaves, his wife Mack automatically takes the reins at the ranch. While she left her career behind, one of the couple’s friends pointed out that she was incredibly happy nonetheless since most of her happiness came from her animals, and they were always around her on the ranch.


Both Selleck and Mack adore the ranch. Before he bought the ranch, Selleck decided he needed to replenish his soul and get some semblance of anonymity back into his life. The actor barely did any projects throughout the year and people worried for his career. However, he explained that it was only because he was not interested in the projects being offered to him and nothing else.

While headlines read that his career was almost finished, the actor took the opportunity of peace and quiet to refresh himself. He said, “I quit Magnum to have a family. It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that.”

Selleck has been married to Mack for over 30 years, and they welcomed their only child, a daughter named Hannah, in 1988. They decided that the ranch would be a nice place for their daughter to grow up as well.

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The actor prioritized his marriage to nurture his personal life. He shared how he wanted some time away from Hollywood to focus on his home and also confirmed how this helped his marriage.

While living a slow life at the ranch has helped his personal life, the couple has a hard time maintaining it. Selleck does it all himself on the property, from fixing roads to clearing bushes.

The drought in California destroyed his avocado plants. While in 2007, the actor shared selling avocados had proven to be very successful for him, just a few years after he shared that making a living from his avocados was getting tough.

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But things turned a little shocking and quite ugly when Selleck and his wife were accused of stealing ‘truckloads of water’ from a hydrant serving a construction site near his home.

According to the Calleguas Municipal Water District, Selleck supposedly stole truckloads of water. It was alleged that he used a large water tender type truck to make trips to the hydrant and transport the water back to his property. There were about 12 trips reported in about two years. It was unknown whether some other trips were made which remained undetected, and thus, it was not known exactly how much water was stolen.


The authorities said they issued the actor two cease-and-desist letters in late 2013, but he proceeded to ignore them and kept stealing water.

The actor was ordered to pay $21,000 to cover the cost of the private investigation that was held against him and also more money to cover the cost of damages. He was also banned from taking any more water from the Calleguas Municipal Water District water which would then be used for his personal needs.

It seems like the actor is fully content with his life and ranch living in California. We are incredibly happy for the actor that he has a ‘retreat’ to unwind and be himself in.

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