The teacher can’t handle the pain of troublesome kids so she considers quitting.

The teacher-child-parent triangle is a vicious cycle of who is right, wrong and responsible. In modern society parents have given more responsibilities to teachers than to their own children, not knowing that teachers have only two duties. The prior one is to teach the kids the subjects that they have to do in school and the second is to keep them safe inside the perimeter of the school during school hours. 

In the case of Julie Marburger, the situation at school got out of hand. Julie is a teacher that called out to social media about what being a teacher is all about. She claims that students can be so troublesome and destructive that most of the time she teaches the children morals and behavior than the actual lesson of the day. She mostly blames the parents of not disciplining their children and spoiling them to great extent. 


She also adds that students are so destructive that they often mishandle books and break class objects. Because of the school not having a class budget she has to pay for the repair of the utilities in most cases, just so the class wouldn’t look like a destroyed jungle.

After this job soon became too stressful and emotionally painful she considered quitting, but she always kept her hopes up for a better tomorrow. But soon that would change because of one day…

One normal day at school Mrs. Marburger saw that one of her students’ parents was waiting to meet her. When she kindly came up to them she couldn’t believe what happened! The parent started blaming her for the student’s mistakes. Accusing Julie of not being responsible enough. As strong as she was Julie just couldn’t handle the mental pain and unreasonable accusations. It was just too much fo her well being, so she decided to leave early that day and later made the final decision of quitting her job for good. 

The reason she called out on social media is to tell parents to be more aware of their children because teachers can only do so much. She explained that the teacher plays a major role in society because they create employees like doctors lawyers engineers etc. 

Teachers in most cases are really good people for the reason that they help the young generation find what they are interested in life so later they can pursue a career and make a living out of it. So the next time parents are going to complain to teachers about their children’s’ grades and their bad experiences with other children. If  your child has learned something in school and has arrived home as healthy physically and mentally then the teacher doesn’t need to be put in pressure because her job is already hard dealing with troubled kids that scream and shout the majority of the time

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